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We are proud to introduce everyone to NYC’s very own Panda City.  Trust us, this dope Hip Hop band has no affiliation with that trash that is dominating the mainstream (Desiigner Panda).  They are a true original Hip Hop band incorporating Indie Rock & Hip Hop creating a sound none of us has heard before.  With their most recent release of “Panda City EP” 5 track project, they have really turned some heads over here along with making a bang online recently.  The band consists of frontman Clacc as the MC, Mazz-1 on drums, Justin on bass and Young E on the guitar.  And by all means each and every member is on that high level, that’s for sure.

Don’t Shoot” by far must be the most important and influential track on this whole EP.  This song jumps right into the narrative that the U.S is consumed with.  Lacc’s lyrical skills are on a planet of its own, his wordplay, style and delivery really shines and standouts putting this band on that map for sure.  Honestly we were amazed, on how dope and original Lacc really is.  When is comes to the band, when you take a listen for the first few seconds, you will know that they are a powerhouse.  My favorite song on this EP is “People Under The Sun”.  This song goes hard for any real underground Hip Hop head.

Overall this solid and simple 5 track EP is exactly what Hip Hop needs today, I mean NOW!!  There are not a lot of quality Hip Hop bands pushing material like this, but Panda City are one of those “Needle In The Haystack” type bands who have a bright future in the music biz.

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"If someone asks you what does Panda City sound like, you have to pause and think because their sound can't really be confined to a box. It defies labels, categories, genres and has come close to inventing something totally different. You have to listen to them to get the full spectrum of what we are trying to say and we hope that you will give this up and coming band a try".    ‪#‎pandacity‬ ‪#‎dontshoot‬ ‪#‎peopleunderthesun‬